Conference venue Logenhaus



The hotel and restaurant “Logenhaus” (= Lodge House, before 01.04.2024 “Puschkinhaus”), is the venue for the Working Group’s conferences. It is located in a central but also secluded area. From here, all places of interest can be reached quickly and conveniently. The house is surrounded by an attractive and colourful park with a Japanese garden. It is also located in immediate neighbourhood to the Popperöder creek.

Ernst Wilhelm von Wintzingerode bought the house from the late councillor of commerce (Kommerzienrat) Lutteroth in the name of the local freemason lodge “Herrmann zur deutschen Treue”. It was officially opened on November 16, 1855. The lodge subsequently initiated various social foundations.

Today the Logenhaus serves as hotel, restaurant and venue for conferences and other events, offering state-of-the-art conference and meeting rooms.

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Logenhaus Mühlhausen GmbH
Puschkinstraße 3-4
99974 Mühlhausen

Telefon: +49 3601 40 20
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